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God in the Dark [or: never, ever, ever give up]

Hey. What’s below is a reflection titled ‘God in the Dark’. It was for the ‘Sermon of the Year 2017’, and it seems to have made the ‘Top 10’ and been published in a book, in case you care. It’s imperfect but I guess it’s the most honest thing I’ve ever written. Wherever you are in the great riddle of life, I hope this points you to light.

Have you ever found yourself lost in the dark?
I’m a superhero fan and I must admit I’m a little obsessed with Batman – known as the Dark Knight. There’s a character a little consumed by blackness. His life is tragic, he lives in a cave, fights crime at night, and of course he does not work in bright colours.
I love what LEGO Batman says in the Lego Movie. Asked if he ever works with colour, like orange – he responds, ‘I only work in black. And sometimes very, very dark grey.’
Perhaps you’ve related to that at some time in your life. Or maybe you had that emo phase as a teenager when you only listened to music about how hard and painful life is. Or mayb…

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